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The desire to share technical expertise among our employees worldwide that led to our creation of ENGEO BRIDGE. ENGEO BRIDGE is an opportunity to experience life and work in the US and/or New Zealand. Experience new projects, new regions and new clients outside of their your home officeusual location.

I embarked on the experience with an eagerness to learn and understand what we, ENGEO ‘can’ do, and left wondering what we ‘can’t’ do! It seems we have the ability to do it all.The value of a face to face connection is unmatched and that is the best thing about the program. Hearing about all of the projects in meetings is great, but getting to see them in the field in real time with the project team put it all into context and gave me confidence to transfer the knowledge to NZ projects”.

Olivia Ellis-Garland, Staff Geologist, Auckland, NZ   






“I feel very enriched by ENGEO BRIDGE and appreciate that I will have something unique to bring to the table in my career. The BRIDGE has been a crucial component to our success across borders and I believe this program has had an enabling effect on those participating as well as the recipient offices”.

Brooke Spruit, Staff Engineer, San Ramon, CA   


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