January 18, 2006

2006 CELSOC Merit Award for Engineering Excellence

San Ramon, CA – January 18, 2006

ENGEO’s Joe Tootle, GE, and Jonathan Buck, CE, brought this project to completion. Main Branch Alamo Creek was in a severely eroded state. The creek banks and channel were structurally unstable, threatening the integrity of several bridge structures planned to span the fluvial system as part the new, residential Gale Ranch Development in Contra Costa County.

ENGEO also worked with County officials to provide a biotechnical engineering solution to erosion and channel migration problems in applicable areas, based on the root architecture of indigenous lower riparian plant species selected by a local restoration ecologist. Additional recommendations for the restoration project included brush mats and brush layering over buried rock toe scour protection.

The completed project has added aesthetic and biotic value to the Gale Ranch Development while addressing flood control and bank stability issues of the watercourse.

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