October 14, 2020

ENGEO Lands in Guam

Guam is a small U.S. island territory in the Western Pacific. Nicknamed Island of Warriors, it is known for its tropical beaches, native Chamorro culture, Spanish colonial heritage, and playing a significant role in World War II. Guam is also home to ENGEO’s newest office serving the island and the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands.

ENGEO employees from both the United States and New Zealand have arrived with their families in Guam to set up, grow and develop the office as well as our geotechnical and concrete testing laboratory, with the aim of becoming the go-to high end geotechnical engineering and testing firm.

Geotechnical Engineer Dustin Agnew is excited to on the ground in support of Guam’s 2021 NAVFAC build up and the associated improvements across the island. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) anticipates ten years of new construction and upgrades as approximately 5,000 marines relocating to Guam.

“ENGEO is committed to serve our clients in Guam and to date we’ve been involved in two key public works projects for the Guam International Airport and Guam Department of Public Works. We are enthusiastic about bringing our environmental services here as well as we further develop our local relationships.”

Travelling from New Zealand Environmental Scientist Holly Eeg says,

“I am humbled but excited to be a part of this incredible experience and opportunity in Guam. I look forward to our work on-island and the relationships we will create with the surrounding community. So far, the response from our island clients have been positive and we are eager to serve them”.


Banner photo: Phillip Davis (Unsplash)

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