November 2, 2018

ENGEO Leadership Development Continues

A company’s success is determined by its team. ENGEO, an award-winning geotechnical, environmental and water resources engineering firm, has proven its success year to year with employee tenure and well-deserved awards. Along with ENGEO’s continued growth comes development of new leaders from within. This year, five rising stars were named Associates.

“We make it a priority to create a climate where talented people are empowered to achieve their full potential, where our people have the opportunity to grow every day, and where we continuously expand the horizons of ENGEO,” says ENGEO President Uri Eliahu. “This philosophy ultimately leads us to personal and collective success.”

Jeffrey Braun, PE, PMP (Irvine, California)
Jeff is a professional engineer providing geotechnical design, review, and project management services for projects throughout California. Prior to joining ENGEO, Jeff served as an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army, providing master planning, design, construction management, and inspection services on projects in several countries with international clients and contractors. “Helping others grow through new experiences, project opportunities and professional development makes it the most rewarding. Our people and culture create an environment that thrives on solving technical challenges.”

Annamarie Clark, PE (San Ramon, California)
Annamarie serves a variety of private and public projects including commercial development; single-family and multi-family residential development; bridges; and capital improvement projects including roadway and utility improvements. “We have a responsibility to provide the best geotechnical recommendations and work product because our design and solutions greatly impact how people will work, live, and play. The most important thing at ENGEO is the people; whether you are an employee or a client, you can expect excellence and expect it every day.”

Paul Cottingham, CEG (Rocklin, California)
Paul conducts field investigations, develops recommendations, completes geotechnical and geologic reports, and manages earthwork construction projects. His expertise includes project management of public and private sector projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure. “Geology is a fun puzzle that is a cool part of building this great society that improves people’s lives.”

Tom Davies, CEnvP (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Tom is part of ENGEO’s Environmental team, and is a Certified Environmental Practitioner and Associate member of the New Zealand Occupation Society specialising in asbestos. Tom has over 12 years of experience in assessment and remediation of contaminates on projects throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Tom was integral in developing successful and award-winning asbestos management software called BMIS – Building Materials Information Systems. BMIS launched in 2017, leading to the formation of software company, entuitive. “ENGEO not only supported the exploration of new revenue streams and services, but actively encouraged me to create innovative opportunities like BMIS.”

Paul Fletcher, CMEngNZ (Auckland, New Zealand)
Paul is based in the Auckland office and has a considerable amount of experience with infrastructure projects such as state highway realignments and upgrades, power system upgrades including substations and also upgrade and maintenance work for the New Zealand railway network. In addition to this, he has had extensive experience in land development; commercial, residential and industrial subdivisions as well large industrial and commercial construction projects. “ENGEO is a great place to work due to the people being like a work family. I enjoy interesting projects with multiple geotechnical challenges that push boundaries and facilitate learning, and that is what I experience at ENGEO every day.”

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