June 6, 2011

ENGEO Provides Emergency Response

ENGEO Provides Emergency Response

Over the past 40 years, ENGEO professionals have responded to emergency situations involving fire, landslides, levee breaks and seismic hazards. We have responded during major storm events to assess flooding and erosion threats involving creek bank stability, bridge structure integrity and roadway safety.

Our long experience with Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts has been instrumental in our ability and opportunity to educate the public about local geologic and hydrologic risks and the elements of successful mobilization, investigation, remedial design, funding, and construction of repairs to achieve public safety objectives.

ENGEO’s services in this regard have been enhanced by our involvement in peer review of levee repair designs in the southeastern United States, and a task force that recently traveled to Japan to assess the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami. ENGEO professionals have a keen interest in providing rapid, innovative solutions to address many types of hazards.

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