November 11, 2019

How a flexible working environment works for ENGEO

When it comes to how we work, we’re a flexible crew here at ENGEO. Often after maternity leave, working Mums come in on part-time hours; we also have Dads doing the same. For some, it enables a sense of balance, being in control of their work week and being able to see their kids at a school event, or work from home for a period of time if needed for family or personal reasons. We look at each individual’s circumstances, allowing staff to feel they can work to their best, no matter their background or situation. So how is our ENGEO team working flexibly in 2019?

Erika McDonald leads ENGEO’s Auckland-based team and is a Mum to three children, two of which have been born since she joined ENGEO in 2015.

“Being a woman in leadership at ENGEO feels like… being in leadership at ENGEO. It feels inclusive, supported, fast-paced and exciting. With both pregnancies I took 6 months of maternity leave and returned to work, initially on a part-time basis. I have consistently felt supported in every decision made regarding my time off with family. While still on a part-time schedule, I was offered the role of Auckland leader. My decision to accept this role was easy knowing the supportive and flexible environment at ENGEO.”

Reuben Williams is a Senior Technology & GIS Analyst and Dad of two based in Christchurch. Having freelanced for much of his working career, his 4-day week has been his ‘normal’. When he came to join the ENGEO family a few years back, his 4-day week came with him! He is able to spend quality time with his two small children mid-week which also gives his wife the opportunity to focus on her career.

“It’s never been an issue because it comes down to personal responsibility in getting your work done. You wouldn’t know who is a part-timer here as the culture embraces flexibility.”

Catherine Lewis serves as Director of Business Development, and is based in San Ramon, California.

“In the 18 years of my employment at ENGEO, I have always felt very supported as a single mother, and was able to attend my son’s school field trips, soccer tournaments, and occasionally volunteer in his classroom. I was grateful to know there was trust that I would account for my time and complete my work.”

New Dad, Neil Charters, is a Principal Engineer based in Christchurch working a 4-day week.

“I’m lucky to be able to spend a day a week with my wee boy. We’ll go out for an adventure on the bikes most Tuesday mornings. I think it is great for both of us –he gets more Dad time, and I get to spend quality time with him. While it can be hard to balance work demands I can usually get enough done while he’s having his afternoon nap to keep up. Being able to juggle my family time with my work commitments is a totally worthwhile compromise for me.”

Catherine Loye is a Senior Engineering Geologist who is working to establish an operation for ENGEO in Adelaide, South Australia. Catherine is office-based Monday through Wednesday in Adelaide and then returns to her family on The Farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Catherine’s two children have been born during her tenure with ENGEO and she has been working part-time since becoming a mother.

“My current work situation embodies flexibility – I’m office-based in Adelaide part of the week and then able to work as required from home at the end of the working week. The balance is perfect for me and my family, and I believe for ENGEO too. I feel that I work very efficiently and as a result I’m the best employee and mother I can be.”

ENGEO measures our team’s success through our ability to meet and exceed client expectations while keeping our energy and happiness levels high, not by measuring hours clocked in the office. In this day and age, work can happen anywhere, including taking conference calls while pushing a pram!

Banner Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash

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