July 17, 2019

Innovation through Collaboration

ENGEO NZ started as a small company in Christchurch with big dreams, and we always knew we had to look beyond Christchurch to create the amazing company we envisioned, and the company we have today. This was one of the messages shared at our 2019 annual team business planning event held in Christchurch, that over 75 employees attended.

“Everyone was really excited to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished and to see we what we can all do together” says Guy Cassidy, ENGEO’s Chief Operating Officer.

Annual Team Business Planning is held on a weekend and our NZ and Australian employees meet at a single destination. While it’s voluntary to attend, we have around 90% participation, which is fantastic engagement. We review projects, highlight technical excellence and celebrate awards. We listen and value our employees’ feedback on how to drive our organisation forward. This event is great for forging inter-office relationships.

At ENGEO we live by the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The best strategy is to have an amazing culture where people are happy and challenged. The concept of ONEGEO (one purpose and one culture) is our deliberate effort to collaborate together as one family, across disciplines, cities and continents. Encouraging staff from all ENGEO offices to get to know each other, we greatly increase the sharing of specialist knowledge, which means our clients have access to the best brains in the business, wherever their projects are located.

Team Business Planning is the yearly opportunity for all offices to come together and is a key component to creating this culture. One of our newer staff members, Jamie Rhodes, says “It’s exciting to see the culture that I see on a daily basis in Auckland is replicated around the country in all the offices”.

Check out the day’s highlights here:

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