ENGEO AU Modern Day Slavery Statement

About ENGEO and our Operations

ENGEO is an award-winning firm of geotechnical engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and, hydrologists. The purpose of ENGEO’s operations is to provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering and geology services. We serve residential and mixed-use community projects, from small boutique developments to large 20,000 lots, adventure parks, transportation, infrastructure, water resources, geologic hazard mitigation, flood control facilities, civic structures, healthcare, education, energy, manufacturing, ports, waterfront development and urban infill. ENGEO assist in every phase of project development from the due diligence for land acquisition and planning through entitlement, permitting, design, construction and project build-out.


Established in 2014, after three ENGEO engineers arrived in Christchurch from California to work in the previously named, Geoscience office in 2010 and eventually acquired a stake in Geoscience, which helped expand the services available. In 2014, the name officially changed to ENGEO Ltd.


In 2018, ENGEO expanded their borders to the Sunshine Coast to establish its first Australian office. In 2019, ENGEO announced a South Australian presence in Adelaide, followed by the Brisbane office opening in September 2020.


Organisational Structure

Governance is established at ENGEO through a servant-leadership model that encourages leaders to act as facilitators to the greater needs of the 350 individuals employed by ENGEO in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Figure 1: ENGEO Organisational Model

The Servant-leadership style allows for sub-committees to be formed and dedicate themselves to furthering ENGEO’s internal goals. The Sustainability Committee and Health and Safety Committee are two such groups.


The Sustainability Committee is committed to reducing the environmental impact of ENGEO’s operations. Recently, the Sustainability Committee has focused on the United Nations (UN) sustainable goals, including sustained and inclusive economic growth with full and productive employment and decent work for all.


The Health and Safety Committee focuses on ensuring ENGEO maintains compliance with the health and safety guidelines of Australia and New Zealand. The Health and Safety Committee always prioritises safety and wellbeing. The committee takes measures to support and protect site staff and the public from hazards. The committee further empowers staff to speak up or halt works when unsafe acts are observed.


ENGEO Supply Chain

ENGEO engages subcontractors to complete/complement/support our geotechnical site investigations. These services include:


  • Machine borehole drilling
  • Laboratory services
  • RPAS (UAV) services
  • Traffic Management
  • Underground service location
  • Ropes access services
  • Rockfall mitigation installation services

We also purchase products for our offices and staff:

  • Office supplies: paper, computer hardware and software.
  • PPE: hi-vis, hard hats, face masks
  • Branded marketing collateral
  • Cleaning services for office locations


Risk Management and Due Diligence

As a medium-sized, global enterprise, the risk of modern slavery in the businesses that we engage is low. Australia has legislation to prevent modern day slavery, further ensuring vulnerable groups such as migrant workers, children and women are protected through labour laws and policies. Additionally, as part of our due diligence, we require evidence of work cover certificates, green procurement, and local procurement when possible.


The more considerable risk of modern slavery are the hidden risks. These risks include the modern slavery of people manufacturing products that ENGEO (or ENGEO-employed subcontractors) purchase, like PPE, office supplies, computer parts and service-specific materials like drilling lubricants.


Continuous Improvement

We understand that assessing the risk of modern day slavery and due diligence is a continuous process. Hence, we take action to search for an alternative purchase or operating decision when we become aware of modern slavery within our supply chain. Once identified, we are committed to developing and reviewing company policies or processes that affect modern slavery in our operations.


We are dedicated to consulting other entities that we work alongside or own on the impacts of modern day slavery and further encourage these organisations to take steps to measure their impact. In 2021, we have begun to communicate about modern slavery with our clients and suppliers, and we include the following in communication to vendors when establishing engagement with them:


ENGEO is committed to excluding Modern Slavery from our business and our supply chain. Are you aware of the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018, and have you assessed your business and supply chain concerning modern slavery risks? ENGEO is happy to share resources with you to better understand how modern slavery may affect your business.



Addressing modern day slavery is not an easy feat. Although extensive work is being completed globally to address and respect human rights, there is no simple way to measure the effectiveness of internal policies minimising or eradicating the risk of modern day slavery.

We understand we are at the beginning of our commitment to removing modern day slavery from our supply chain. We will review this commitment every year to verify impact and effectiveness.



This statement was approved by Guy Cassidy, Chief Executive, Australia & New Zealand on 16 June 2021



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