June 23, 2020

No international travel? No worries, go virtual!

Our innovative ONEGEO Ambassadors, based across our international offices, have been busy working out a way to support and integrate our people and thinking, with the overarching purpose of elevating our technical development, employee enrichment and serving our Client needs in new and extraordinary ways, every day. The concept of ONEGEO is our deliberate effort to collaborate as one technical family, across disciplines, cities and continents.

Given current travel restrictions around the globe, we are trying to continue the enormous benefits we have previously enjoyed having staff from either side of the Pacific, travel, stay and work in a new regional office for a few months. Using technology and a heavy dose of tenacity, we have set up ENGEO’s first ‘Virtual Secondment’ program!

Our first participants from Christchurch, and Auckland, NZ will experience virtual project life in San Jose and San Francisco, with the intention of working on US projects 2-3 days per week for around three months. The aim is to not only assist in the peak work flow months of summer in California, and then have US folk assist in NZ/AU later on in the year, but also giving employees the opportunity to build relationships with the teams in other offices. When international travel safely opens, our teams will be excited to actually get their hands dirty, in local soils in an overseas location!

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