Our engineering geologists are experts in the assessment of complex site conditions utilising a variety of advanced investigation technology to accurately and effectively predict geological outcomes.

  • Rock Slope Stability Assessment
  • Appraisal of Geological Hazards
  • Geologic Mapping and Assessment of Large to Small Properties
  • Studies of Active and Potentially Active Faults
  • Delineation, Mitigation and Repair of Landslides
  • Characterization of Subsurface Conditions using Geophysical Surveys
  • Studies of Mine Suitability and Design of Reclamation Work
  • Analysis and Mitigation of Rock Slope Stability
  • Analysis of Rock Rippability
  • Formation and Management of Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts
  • Geologic Analysis and Reports for EIS/EIR
  • Geologic Exploration for Tunnels, Pipelines, Transportation Corridors
  • Design of Corrective Grading Plans
  • Correction of Drainage Issues
  • Rockfall Modelling & Analysis
  • Geologic/Geomorphological Mapping
  • Landslide Assessment/Monitoring & Mitigation
  • Aggregate Resource Assessment
  • Earthquake Fault Studies

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