Alan Wightman, CMEngNZ

Alan is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with 16 years’ experience in New Zealand and Australia. He has considerable experience in site investigations and geotechnical design of building foundations, subdivisions, retaining structures, slope stability, cell phone towers, wind farms and dams. He also has extensive experience in the assessment and mitigation of liquefaction.

“The main reason I joined this company is to free myself from corporate nonsense and just be an engineer. ENGEO is a place where we can just get on with it, and use our knowledge to help our clients. As a Principal, I will always look to enhance my colleagues’ knowledge and skills for the benefit of them and our clients.”

Alan’s primary interest outside work is cricket. He still plays, even though he is now into his fifth decade. It takes him about three days to recover from a match but he still keeps coming back because he has so many friends on the team.

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