Senior Environmental Scientist

Gareth Ward

Gareth is a Senior Environmental Scientist based in ENGEO’s Queenstown office and has a broad range of experience including contaminated land assessment, environmental management planning and environmental auditing. These services are focussed on assisting our clients identify environmental issues relating to their projects and properties and then working with them to find solutions and plan for the future. Gareth can advise on and write environmental management systems to a variety of standards including ISO 14001 or work with organisations to develop an in-house environmental management system that works for them.

Gareth’s global project experience has seen him work with international funding institutions, multi-national corporations, governments, local authorities, developers, local companies and NGOs. He enjoys the variety of project work available in our industry and within ENGEO.

“I have a passion for ensuring future generations have the opportunity to live and work in a healthy environment and have exciting adventures in the outdoors. As such, I enjoy my work helping to prevent further pollution, manage our resources in a sustainable manner and improve our environment for those future generations. I am particularly excited about doing this in the incomparable setting of Queenstown and Central Otago”.

Outside of work Gareth enjoys outdoor pursuits and is an active skier, mountain biker, scuba instructor and trail runner. He loves seeing his two daughters and son develop their own interests and explore their world. He is also a passionate African traveller and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with an interest in the development and management of national parks.

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