Joseph Seibold, GE

Joseph has extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry, primarily related to infrastructure and public agency projects. He specializes in geotechnical engineering, including foundation analysis, seismic hazards, ground motion analysis, retaining wall systems, shoring systems, and analysis of excavations.

Joseph has managed geotechnical explorations, performed engineering analysis, and authored geotechnical reports for a wide range of challenging projects. His experience includes stability analysis of cut and fill slopes, shallow and deep foundations for water/wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, tanks, and retaining walls, as well as design and evaluation of earth structures, including dams, levees, excavations, and tunnel portals.

Joseph is experienced with seismic hazard assessment, including deterministic and site-specific probabilistic ground motion, dynamic properties of soil and rock, liquefaction, lateral spreading, seismic slope stability, and dynamic lateral earth pressures.

Outside of work Joseph enjoys traveling, playing the guitar, and photography.

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