Mark Gilbert, GE, QSD

Mark leads ENGEO’s Rocklin and Reno offices. He has directed and managed hundreds of geotechnical investigations for public sector, residential, and commercial projects throughout Northern California and Nevada. Mark has significant experience with complex soil conditions including expansive soils, organic deposits, and difficult geologic conditions. His geotechnical expertise includes design and analysis of both shallow and deep foundations for complex projects, including shallow footings, standard and post-tension mat foundations, steel and concrete driven piles, and large-diameter drilled shafts.

“I am passionate about geotechnical engineering and using it to accomplish great things for humankind. Whether it is developing a simple foundation system for a house or analyzing seepage through a tall levee, putting science to work to solve problems is very fulfilling. Simply knowing how to perform geotechnical analyses is not enough — I strive to understand its impact on the built environment and how to design civil works that last.”

Mark is a musician who enjoys singing, playing guitar, keyboards, and harmonica. You may find him playing in one of several bands, including The Republicrats (we don’t take sides), Custom Neon, and The Alements.

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