Max McLean, CMEngNZ

Max focuses on geotechnical site assessments including geological and geomorphological mapping, slope stability assessments and analysis, liquefaction analysis, earthworks testing and observation and general project management. Max is the Tauranga Office Leader.

“Landslides are a true passion of mine and this field of work allows me to characterise, map and analyse landslides in different geological formations and in different parts of the country. ENGEO has the desire and the ability to constantly push the boundaries of what is achievable. Our drive keeps us at the forefront of any new developments within our fields and allows us to provide the best service to our clients”.

Outside of work you will find Max at the local golf course, at the beach or brewing beer at home. Max has a somewhat obsessive approach to music, reading, researching, exercise and tramping. Researching may seem a bit odd, but he tends to get fixated on things and furiously learns about them.

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