Rowan Cook, CMEngNZ

Rowan specialises in geotechnical site assessments including geological and geomorphological mapping, slope stability assessments and analysis, liquefaction analysis, earthworks testing and observation and general project management. He is passionate about large infrastructure projects and working with specialist design teams to provide innovative geotechnical solutions for our clients.

“I love working with a team who share the same values to achieve great things. I have seen ENGEO expand from a company of 10 staff to over 100 staff, from geotechnical residential assessments to large infrastructure projects, and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing. This has only been possible with a team of talented, like-minded individuals with a drive for technical excellence and success. I am truly honoured to lead such a team in Christchurch”.

Outside of work you will find Rowan skiing, sailing, hiking, or undertaking any number of adventures. He enjoys traveling, domestically and internationally and his drink of choice is a Hazy IPA.

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