Engineering Geologist

Thomas Vollebregt

Thomas is a Project Engineering Geologist with 6 years’ experience in New Zealand and Australia. He has experience in many areas for which ENGEO offer services, from the asbestos and environmental fields moving into the engineering geology space. Thomas works in medium to large-scale earthworks jobs in the Wellington Region specialising in early engagement and moving the job though to completion. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty on the tools and being out in the field, getting involved in each step of the project to deliver the best service to our clients.

“I love the company culture that ENGEO has developed as it creates such a great working environment. With a strong emphasis on developing people and promoting the sharing of ideas, really makes the work environment a great place to learn and grow as a professional.”

Out of office, Thomas enjoys hunting, free diving and Rugby. He likes to cut and sell firewood and may or may not get slightly competitive over a good board game.

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