Belfast Village Development


Belfast, Christchurch, Canterbury

Project Overview

The Belfast Village development site comprises 36 hectares in the northern suburb of Belfast in Christchurch just northwest of the intersection of Johns Road and Main North Road. The development consists of a residential subdivision with light commercial and high-density residential areas. ENGEO performed a site investigation program consisting of over 100 Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs), 12 machine borings, and 6 Dilatometer and seismic Dilatometer Tests (sDMTs), and a laboratory testing program that included index testing and consolidation testing

Engeo's Role

We performed analyses to define the liquefaction hazard at the site, which included estimating liquefaction-induced deformations. In addition, we carried out consolidation settlement analyses to define the static settlement risks at the site. Using the results of our liquefaction assessment and consolidation settlement analyses, we developed options for successfully mitigating these hazards.

Recommendations were provided for site grading, fill placement and compaction, and the design and construction of underground services were provided. ENGEO continues to provide on-going geotechnical consultation during the design and construction phases for the development.


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