Mare Island Naval Base Shipyard Reuse


Vallejo, California

Project Overview

ENGEO is the lead geotechnical, hydrologic and development consultant for ten reuse areas of this 1,000-acre former Navy Base.

The redevelopment includes massive pavement rehabilitation and new road construction, extensive utility installation, converting existing military structures to private use for commercial and residential purposes, and will result in a mixed-use space that includes industrial, residential, commercial and retail development. ENGEO consolidated more than 50 years of geotechnical data contained in nearly 200 soils reports and representing more than 500 soil borings. Using state-of-the-art, 3-D modeling tools, ENGEO profiled the bedrock surface, Bay Mud, and man-made fill material for the entire 1,000-acre installation. ENGEO supplemented this data with new boring information to provide recommendations for:

  • Levee stabilization
  • Piers and dry-dock facilities
  • Commercial development over 3,600,000 sf
  • Seismic retrofit of existing machine shops
  • Surcharging soft, compressible soils
  • 1,400 new single family home sites
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation and New Utilities

ENGEO has organized abatement and demolition phasing and worked with the client to create long-term budgets for the project. ENGEO has also been instrumental in coordinating site-specific SWPPPs along with performing the necessary monitoring and updating of these plans. ENGEO’s contribution to the success of this project has included creative solutions for surcharging needs; finding fill and arranging for its importation from various sources at a significant cost savings; and site development engineering that created construction techniques and development strategies that saved the client time and money.Project challenges have included: design of complex solutions within soft soils areas incorporating various strategies (such as surcharge and wick drain programs, overexcavation of Bay Mud and debris fills, lightweight fills); and consideration of project timelines, economics and constructability in sensitive environments such as along wetland borders, areas requiring environmental remediation, proximal to historic resources, or within or near restricted Naval Munitions cleanup areas.

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