Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa, California

Project Overview

ENGEO provided a variety of consultation services related to the planned new 5-story Sutter Medical Center at the Luther Burbank Center facility in Sonoma County. ENGEO has provided Environmental and Geotechnical consulting services for this development which consists of a 3-story medical physician building, a 5-story medical building, a 3-story medical office building, and a 2-story central utility plan building to support the hospital. Furthermore, site improvements such as widening of Marks West Springs Road as well as construction of stormwater retention areas, water tank and wastewater storage are proposed. ENGEO’s services included a an extensive subsurface exploration system that totals to approximately $200,000. The team at ENGEO worked closely with the project design team by implemented a “value engineering” approach to come up with the most economical engineering concept for foundation alternatives for the proposed hospital building that would go through OSHPD stringent review criteria.

ENGEO also played a significant role in assisting the owner in preparing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). In addition, they have prepared an extensive watershed study for the Marks West Springs area which is a required study for the project to be accepted by the county. Furthermore, ENGEO is in the process of putting in two water production wells at the site which will be used to support the hospital and local usage. The watershed study and well construction totaled up to $300,000.

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