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Project Overview

The Heritage Fields project is a master-planned community that includes roughly 10,000 residential units, schools, parks, open space, commercial, retail, transportation, entertainment, medical and hospital facilities, office space, and light industrial developments along with associated drainage and utility improvements. The project encompasses approximately 4,700 acres and is the base reuse project for the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS).

Engeo's Role

Since 2008, ENGEO has provided geotechnical, environmental, and water-quality consulting and construction monitoring services to the design team and master developer for the Heritage Fields project. Services provided include geotechnical design and environmental assessment reports for eight individual and phased development districts, water resources services for multiple washes and waterways passing through the project, construction SWPPP preparation and implementation for numerous active WDIDs, project-wide post-construction water quality management design, and geotechnical and environmental construction observation and testing from demolition to construction and project delivery.

Projects Within Heritage Fields

The award-winning Orange County Great Park, within approximately 1,300 acres in the central portion of the former MCAS, is planned for public amenities including botanical gardens, open park spaces, golf course, and sports park.

Several active drainage corridors pass through portions of the site including Marshburn, Bee Canyon, Agua Chinon, Borrego Canyon, Serrano Creek, and San Diego Creek. As such, the overall project incorporates mitigation areas along the Bee Canyon, Agua Chinon, and Wildlife Corridor.

The Upper Bee Canyon and The Bosque are passive pedestrian/bicycle corridors connecting residents to the Sports Park. The Sports Park improvements performed by ENGEO include both paved and unpaved trails and open space landscaping with graded hills and mounds. The park also incorporates ancillary restroom structures, parking lots, bike kiosks, as well as three 200-foot-long under crossing tunnels.

The Wildlife Corridor is a roughly 2-mile stretch of the Coast to Cleveland Wildlife Corridor. This project provides a safe passage for native animals to travel between the mountain preserves to the north and the coastal canyons to the south. Once completed, the wildlife corridor will stretch for six miles and connect the Cleveland National Forest to the Orange County coast.

The Heritage Fields K-8 School advancements in 2013 focused on improvements which consisted of three large building groupings on the western portion of the site. ENGEO provided geotechnical and geologic hazard reports, geotechnical design recommendations, environmental studies, geotechnical plan reviews, remedial grading plan preparation, and construction testing and observation services for this portion of the project.


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