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Queenstown, New Zealand

Project Overview

To provide for and facilitate the growth being experienced in picturesque Queenstown, the Lakeview land in central Tāhuna will become an extension of the current Queenstown centre, offering residential buildings, hotels, co-working and co-living spaces, hospitality, retail, and a hot pools attraction.

Engeo's Role

ENGEO was engaged by the client to undertake a geotechnical investigation to support development Master Planning. This scope comprised development of an engineering geology model. Of particular importance at this stage in the project are the preliminary recommendations for conceptual foundation design and bedrock delineation to support cut slope design and basement placement. Further, ENGEO was retained to provide continued geotechnical support throughout the development phases.

Our Solution

ENGEO completed bedrock outcrop mapping of the site, compiled previous third party geotechnical data and monitored geophysics using multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) techniques to develop a 3-dimensional engineering geology model of the site. This model was used during the Master Planning process to site basements, optimise floor plan layouts and reduce retaining requirements. This data was also used extensively by the ECI contractor to provide ongoing cost feedback to the client.


“The value that ENGEO have provided to the projects Master Planning has been tremendous. Any developer who thinks you don’t need significant geotechnical support early on is kidding themselves!” -Paul Burnaby (94 Feet)


ENGEO project team: Sam Murray, Neil Charters and Brad Cosgrove


Banner Photo: Photoholgic via Unsplash


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